PLAY to Fill your Bags

A revolutionary vision that connects games via their virtual
in-game currencies using blockchain technology.

What is a Gamedrop?

A Gamedrop™ is a gamified version of an airdrop, which allows Tokenized and Crypto focused projects to drop their token, or coin, directly into our platform allowing it to be distributed and collected by players who are battling head-to-head to fill their bags! This creates a competitive and fun edge, where community members can engage with the project and each other.

Benefits of a



Cryptocurrency adoption

Encourage adoption of a

expand network

Demonstrate value or
capability of the network

Encourage Projects

Grab attention & encourage
research on a new project


loyalty programs

Help maintain loyalty &
engagement of community

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The latest in cryptocurrency multiplayer games designed to keep you engaged, battle with others and fill your bags with tokens along the way