You can only participate in the YouTube Campaign if you have 500+ organic subscribers with a primary audience of cryptocurrency-enthusiasts on your YouTube Channel

Conditions: The campaign will end on December 21, 2020!, Low-quality videos will not be accepted (Please make sure you have a full understanding of the Rewardiqa Project); Videos must be genuine. Copying graphics, text and other content are not allowed. (You can use official images, logos, graphics posted on the website, ANN thread, Facebook and Twitter); The Google translate is forbidden for videos, the quality of picture and sound must be good; You must put links for the official website, Reward app, Rewardiqa telegram & twitter; Video must be at least 3 minutes long, shorter videos will not be accepted; Your videos must contain the following hashtags: #Rewardiqa #APP #blockchain #REW #EARN BITCOIN #cryptocurrency (Only 3 videos per user are allowed) , If you were caught on cheating with views or plagiarism, then you will be permanently banned without any right to participate in media campaign again; Only the following languages are accepted: English, Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Portuguese; The quality of the content is determined by the project’s team and bounty manager. payment will be made in Ethereum, Bitcoin ,or our own Token , Thank you for your interest !

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