introducing rewardiqa token (REW)

Internal rewardiqa tokens are called REW and comply with the ERC20 standard. REW is an internal currency and is used to conduct all operations within the REWARDIQA ecosystem.

Rewardiqa (REW) Token details

– Total Supply:  21,000,000,000 REW

– Token Name : Rewardiqa (REW)

– Decimals: 18

– contract address : 0x3ffffa8f3cc943e43f9f17a83cbb18f4bbb9f4ac

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Time and money equilibrium 

Time connects us all irrespective of our origin or social rank. Time is limited. Time is finite. We cannot retrieve or prolong time. In today’s world, our time is mostly controlled externally. Time is controlled by our jobs, our customers, our social obligations.

We believe that every person in this world has the right to be in control of their own time. Implementing this right is our vision.


Therefore, we aim to create an equilibrium between time and money. We are establishing a global reward app for doing simple tasks. People around the world will be able to make good money doing easy and simple tasks such as watching videos & installing apps

Our mission is to give every person access to this opportunity no matter whether they come from a village in Vietnam, the outskirts of Berlin, or downtown Manhattan.

The value of the REW token will be determined on the open market, but only after the listing formalities are completed and the tokens are allowed to be listed on the trading platforms. In most exchanges tokens can be converted into ETH, Bitcoin or fiat. The token is accepted by all merchants that use the loyalty platform and other partners of Rewardiqa.

Key values of the Rewardiqa application

Fast and easy use Because it is available worldwide, you can earn & spend rewards wherever you are all you need is a smart phone and wifi connection

Instant payment 

rewardiqa puts your earnings in your pocket the moment you complete the tasks, all you have to do is collect the minimum amount of diamonds (app currency ) required to perform a withdrawal. Trustless, instant payouts on the blockchain through multiple options to choose from (bitcoin , rew token , litecoin etc)

Are Crypto Microtasks Platforms Worthwhile?

Microtask platforms will not turn someone into a bitcoin millionaire nor can they be considered a viable source of income. However, users of the three above-mentioned platforms can get a handful of cryptocurrency every week for doing very little.


For individuals entering the world of cryptocurrencies and want to get their hands on digital coins without actually buying any, can look towards apps like Earn or Bituro. That way, users can earn their first few satoshis and learn about the mechanics of cryptocurrency transactions without taking any financial risk whatsoever.

Rewardiqa Partners & Exchanges

token distribution

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  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Bounty Program & Airdrop
  • Rewards program